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THEY KNOW is an Original Pennsylvania-based Electroacoustic band. Grounded in the music and lyrics of  lifelong friends Daniel Ehart and LeeRaden, the Duo creates tunes with a smooth groove and retro vibe. Meaningful poetic lyrics, great choruses and cookin' jams are what draws fans to their music. THEY KNOW  has a rich musicality with a lot of breathing space. Soulful harmonies, tasteful guitar riffs  and textured keyboards, often accompanied by light drums and percussion are what make their music " enjoyable and infectious."  THEY KNOW's new CD "Together in This" was released March 17 2014.  Check our Show Schedule for CD Release  Event Dates.

Contact: booking@theyknowmusic.com

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                  at Rock on Philly 

Read Review of the new CD

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